Hope for Boys

Hope for Boys is in partnership with the Department of Juvenile Justice as an alternative to Juvenile Detention. Young Men that come through the program will go through a mentorship program focusing on character. We purpose to help these young men see who God created them to be and not what society expects of them. We also take the time to reach out with their families and help encourage healthy relationships at home. As God opens doors we have a secondary program to this that targets pre-teens that are first or second time offenders. This has opened the door to reach many more kids before they make the choice to continue down a destructive path. Classes are held at the Bartholomew Center Monday through Thursday 4pm-7pm.


Volunteer Needs:

We are looking for 20 additional male mentors and 20 other volunteers that will handle everything from transportation, to meals to tutoring.

If you are interested please contact us at 813-575-0711.