Our Mission

Restoring hope in the people of the inner city by helping them realize their full potential in Christ Jesus

Our Values


Without a relationship with Jesus there is no hope. God wants to meet us where we are. There is no one beyond salvation through Jesus.


With new life in Christ there should be dramatic life change in all aspects of your life. We want to help guide you to and keep you on the right path.


We believe education is a necessary foundation to propel you forward and open doors in life’s journey. We will help you get the degrees, skills and training you need.


We believe in community and passing on what has been given to you so that there will be transformation in others.

Our Strategies

Every ministry and partnership we begin fits within our strategies.

We help pull people from the despair, addiction, and self-destruction that traps them [RESCUE].

We provide help in times of tragedy and devastation [RELIEF].

We seek to restore people’s faith in God and themselves, equipping them to be the person God has designed them to be [RESTORE].

We believe in  building a sense of community in families, neighbors and the city [RENEWAL].




First and third Saturdays of each month volunteers visit the neighbors on their block to encourage, pray with and assist with needs they may have.

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Evening Reporting Center is in partnership with the Department of Juvenile Justice as an alternative to Juvenile Detention

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Catapult Academy

Catapult Academy is fully ‘District-Supported’ meaning it is absolutely tuition-free for students interested in getting back on track and earning a high school diploma (not a GED).

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Adult students 18 years or older can prepare to take the GED test in order to earn a Florida High School Diploma.

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Assure Women's Center
(Baby Boutique)

Baby Boutique is designed for expectant moms or moms with babies 24 months or younger.

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Jobs For Life

Jobs For Life goal is to teach people God's design for work, providing a supportive community and helping them to find and maintain meaningful employment.

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